Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog Assignment 4

1. Don't teach your kids this. Please?
First off, who is Dr. McLeod? Well to list all of his accomplishments I could probably write two pages! So I'll just mention a few key facts about him. He is a professor at Iowa State University. He was one of the creators of our previous assignment "Did you know?" He is also one of the nations leaders in technology for elementary, middle, and secondary education.

I really liked his post. I knew he was being sarcastic from the beginning because if he really despised technology I doubt he would use words like "RSS," "aggregate," and "synthesize" in that context. Parents and teachers who do not teach their children about using technology are only hurting them. Saying predators can get them online, well predators can get them anywhere. You tell your kids not to talk to strangers in the real world; You should set the same standards for the virtual world. Parents teach their children about right and wrong, what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. If a child is looking at porn online, well they probably would have still looked at porn, just somewhere else. It's everywhere these days, gas stations, movie stores, a lot of places magazines are sold. The internet is not to blame for a child acting out. There are also a million different privacy and safety options. Parents and teachers who don't encourage their children to be literate in technology, they are hurting their learning opportunities and future chance at a lot of jobs.

Scott McLeod

2. The iSchool Initiative 
I enjoyed this video. I like that he has an idea and he's DOING something about it. A lot of people have great ideas and never DO anything with them. Hopefully he will get a ton of supporters. I have a feeling he will definitely take his idea places. 

I agree that schools should become technology based and dependent. Besides all of the great environmental and financial issues it would help, it would also help physical issues. How many cases of scoliosis and other back problems in children are caused by carrying book bags that are too heavy around all of the time. However, I'm not sure the ipod touch is the best idea. I would rather use laptops. If it was about cost, Ipod touch's are around 130... Walmart carries laptop mini's that are as low as $220. One main reason I think laptops would be better is typing. Typing takes way too long (for things like papers) on an itouch.

Travis Allen

3. The Lost Generation
I loved this technique of reading! How cool! I didn't catch on until about the second or third like that she was just reading everything in reverse. I really want to try one of these! I bet it takes a good while making everything fit though. 

4. Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir
I thought it was amazing that these performers had never met or performed together. It just shows how many amazing things can be done with technology. It really makes me feel like the world is coming together on another level. Who knows what his video will inspire other people to do?

Eric Whitacre

5. Teaching in the 21st Century
To teach in the 21st century means to teach skills rather than facts and knowledge alone. I agree with most, not all, but a majority of the opinions expressed in this video. I think it's very important that we teach our students skills rather than facts alone. It is important to know general knowledge, but specific facts can be found online by anyone. Skills are very important in real life and careers.


  1. Hi AnnMerritt, you made some very good points in your post and I like how you understood Dr.McLeod because I had to try again due to I misunderstood him. I see we both agree that technology is amazing how they were able to put all those strangers together and sound that good! We have a few of the same agreements.

  2. GREAT use of relevant photos and I love this, "ou tell your kids not to talk to strangers in the real world; You should set the same standards for the virtual world." Great words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing!