Sunday, February 27, 2011

C4K 1,2, and 3 Summaries

I have loved comments for kids. It's amazing that some of them are 8 and 9 years old and are experts at blogging, while I'm just starting to learn how to use them at 21 years old. So far I've been assigned Max, Rocky, and MJ.

1.Max ( His Web Page )
My first C4K assignment was Max. Max is part of the 6th and 7th grade Division 17 in Comox Valley.

His blog is titled "The Blog of Awesomeness!!!!" and the post which I commented on was titled "Keisja." Keisja is one of Max's close friends and also one of his idols. She is a great musician who favors country music. Her is the link to her website which Max provided for me in this post, .

In my response to his post, I told him a little bit about myself and our EDM 310 class. I told him how I enjoyed reading about Keisja and that it was amazing that she has already done so much at such a young age. I then gave him helpful hints about how to add things to your blogs like pictures or links. Accidentally, where I was trying to show him how to create a link, it actually created a link. Oops! Unfortunately, I could not post the correction on his blog because it would not let me post anything that repeated myself, saying there was a "duplication error." So I posted the correction to his teachers blog, explaining why I could not post it on Max's page. I also left Max a link to my class blog, where he could contact me if he had any questions or if he just wanted to check out my page.

2. Rocky ( His Blogspot )
Rocky is a 5th Grader at the Pt England School in Auckland, NZ.
headshot of Rocky
I commented on his blog post "baseball with cola." He talks about getting to play baseball one day at school. He posted a picture and the weather looked fantastic!
Rocky playing outside with his classmates
In my response to his post first, I introduced myself. I told him a little bit about our EDM 310 class. I then told him how I used to play softball in High School, so I also loved baseball. I also talked to him about how gorgeous the weather was and told him how jealous I was of it. I noticed that he had a few spelling errors so my helpful hint to him was that if his teachers ever started counting off for spelling that there are a lot of good, free spell checkers online. I told him that spelling was something that I usually didn't think about either so that it comes in handy a lot. I also gave him a link to one, if he wanted to try it out. I also gave him a link to my class blog in case he ever wanted to check it out.

3. MJ ( His Class Blog )
MJ is in Mr.Wolfe's class and wrote a blog post called "Donavon's Word Jar- Thinking Stem #1." In this blog post he talks about a book he read called "Donavon's Word Jar" which is about a boy who learns long words and puts them into a jar. He said this story reminded him of school and having to learn new, longer words.

In my response, I talked to him about the book. I then told him adding pictures can be an easy way to make your blog more fun. I gave him a link and told him google is a good place to find pictures for blogs. This is the picture I found for him.
picture of the cover of the book

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