Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Assignment #11

Ms.Cassidy's approach in the classroom consists of introducing technology to the classroom and familiarizing students with it from an early age. Early in the video of her classroom it says "little kids, big potential..." I love this! 

The kids really use their blogs, which is great. It really encourages the students. She noted how exciting it is for the kids to get comments. I'm sure that is such a great reinforcer for kids when they are getting feedback from all kinds of people. I'd really love to use this in my classroom. 

She also noted that the blogs are a great way for parents to see what their students are doing in the classroom.  It's much more convenient for parents then trying to come up to the classroom or set up an appointment. 

Also privacy is a big issue for many people. I like that she manages to use the students pictures and names, while maintaining their privacy. She does this, by never putting the name and the picture together (which I love!)

I plan on facing several impediments when incorporating technology into the classroom. I plan on facing challenges with introducing technology into my curriculum, when it comes to dealing with my superiors who may be older, unfamiliar with technology, or resistant to change. 

I also plan on facing financial challenges. I would love all of my students to have a laptop or computer in the classroom which we can work on. Unfortunately, this is not always realistic. Also, I would love to be able to communicate with parents mainly through a blog site, but once again, not all families have a computer at home.

I plan on reaping all types of benefits by using technology in the classroom. Besides all of the benefits mentioned above, I expect to get many more including preparing my students for their future education and careers, updating assignments, making learning fun, and connecting students to other students around the world.

Oh ya, I also loved that students could play games on her website. They are educational games to help students in areas they are struggling in. I love that she gives young kids a safe website to visit and links to other websites which are appropriate.

Ms.Cassidy's students working at a computer station
Ms.Cassidy's students working with computers

Ms. Cassidy's Class Blog


  1. Hey AnnMerritt,

    I agree with you that blogs are a great way for students to have positive reinforcement in their work. I am also thinking about using them in my classroom one day. I see that you mentioned the problem of not having computers in your class, but maybe your school will have a computer lab you can use at least once a week. You may even have one in your classroom that the kids can use during centers or breaks. I did not think about issues with using technology in the curriculum, but I am glad you brought it up. This could potentially be the biggest obstacle. Have you thought of any ways to presenting the material to future employers? It may be helpful to keep in contact with some of the other educators we have met and with your PLN. This was you can have examples of what you would like to do and already have connections with other schools willing to participate. Thank you for such a good post!

    -Jessica Brown

  2. AnnMerritt,

    I love how you thought about how you plan on using Mrs. Cassidy's ideas in your own future classroom - especially the part about about family's with financial issues!

    Keep up the good work!

    - Allie

  3. Hey girls! Thanks for the comments :)