Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Assignment 12

Blog Assignment #12- The Government, Technology, and Education

You may be asking, "How are all of these things related?" Visit this government website to find out how! After visiting this website, pick one of the most recent articles on the site and write a summary of what you find there.

Blog Assignment #12
students on computers

After I visited the Ed Tech Action Network, I chose the Technology improves students achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics article. In this article it talks about how "technology engages students in learning," how "technology improves attendance and graduation rates and decreases dropout rates," and how "technology facilitates parental involvement."

It also talks about many different programs which are successful. In Missouri, students are involved in a technology program called eMINTS. Fourth grade students have tested 5.5 points higher on communication arts and 3.6 points higher on mathematics. Middle schools and high schools across Georgia use an interactive learning tool for pre-algebra which have drastically improved scores statewide.

On this website you can also write government officials! I think its a great interactive, educational website.


  1. This looks like a very interesting article! It only makes sense that technology would improve students' grades! Great post!

  2. Hey AnnMerritt,

    This is a good find! These are great statistics that we would love to share to the would of teachers. Many teachers however will find a reason not to use technology in the classroom because if their own preferences. Which, this should be the preferences of the students, not the teachers.

    Stephen Akins