Sunday, March 27, 2011

Comments for Kids Summaries 4-6

Comment for Kids #4
Jordan's Blog Post
My first comment for kids was for Jordan who is an 8 year student at Pt England intermediate School. He is in the class room 19 and his teachers name is Mr. Harris. His school is in Auckland, NZ.

In his blog he talks about how his courses have changed this year. This year he is taking electronics and Science.  He was excited about his electronic class because they got to build cool things. One thing they built was a hat with a torch on it so that you could see in th dark.

I commented that I was also taking an electronics class (edm310) but it was more a technology class which teaches me how to use computers and programs on the internet. I also told him that I thought creating that hat sounded really cool and suggested that maybe he post some pictures of his work to his blog.  I also told him I thought it was really cool that his school went paperless and that I wish we could switch to netbooks (or laptops) and do away with textbooks.

a pitched tent
(Above is a picture from Jordan's blog, but a different post in which he gives the step by step instructions on how to pitch a tent)

Comment for Kids #5
Carlos' Blog Post

Carlos is a year 1 at Pt England School and is 5 years old. Carlos post is a picture he drew on the computer of himself in his uniform. He said that he likes coming to school in his uniform.

I  commented on Carlos' post that I really liked his picture. I also told him that I used to have to wear uniforms to school when I was younger too. Here is his picture.
Carlos in his school uniform

Comment for Kids #6
Room 14 Explorers Blog

Room 14 Explorers are year 5/6 students who form a collaborative blog. I was assigned to their blog post "Respect" which is embeded in my blog below. In this slideshow, they talk about different ways you can respect each other.

I commented on how I agreed that respect is so important for children to learn, and sometimes even for adults to be reminded of. I also commented that I liked how all of the students were involved in the project through pictures. I thought it was really cute that the students acted out the different scenarios through photos for each slide.

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