Sunday, March 6, 2011

What now? What next? So What? C4T #2 Summary

graffiti word reset
The first blog I read was entitled "Education Reset." I really enjoyed reading this blog post and think many of you will as well. You can find by clicking"> this link.  This article talks about how "messed" up the education system is. It states "We need a reset button.  A reset button for education... ...A reboot wouldn’t be enough though would it?  We’d still have the same guts in the machine... ...The same targeted curriculum areas, same bias, same old same old.  Same shit, different day. And still messed up." It references Sir Ken Robinson and shares many of the same ideas. Creativity should be more important in education.  

At the end the article asks, "Or am I wrong? Is education not as messed up as I thought?" In my comment I answered this question with a big NO! You are definitely not wrong. I went on to say that I agreed that the school system should incorporate technology and creativity into the curriculum. They should definitely be part of the core curriculum, but that I doubt that will happen anytime in the near future unfortunately. I also said that I really liked that they used expletives, because I felt like they were being more open and saying how they really felt. They weren't censoring the article down to the point that it was blan or generic, like every other blogger who blogs in constant fear or opposition from critics. 

Internet Evolution

The next blog post was this video on the evolution of the internet, entitled "Web 3.0" In this video it shows how the internet has evolved from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0. In the first stage of the internet, 1.0, the internet was used for informational purposes only. In the second stage of the internet, 2.0, it talks about incorporating the users and websites that connect users with sites like facebook and wikipedia. In the third level of internet 3.0, the internet incorporates appliances like cars, and even washing machines. 

In my comment, I talked about how amazing it was that the internet was used for all of these everyday activities. I also had NO IDEA that the washing machines where technologically up to date. I also talked about the fact that I am not a paranoid person, but that I now understand how people could be. If you were really advanced in technology, you could trace anyone these days. I look at technology differently than the paranoid or conspiracy developing people. I see it as a way to make my day run smoother. I think the more technology and the internet evolve, the more efficient my day will become. 

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